Honor your loved ones by sharing their stories, their legacy. Memories matter.

What is a life story?

A life story is your story! I work with you to capture and preserve your unique story in an heirloom-quality book. Whether you choose to focus on scattered stories or your life’s journey, I can help you incorporate your experiences, history and life lessons into a memoir that you and your family can enjoy and that can span generations. Both hard and soft covered books, and e-books are available.

Will your life story be a recipe book, a short story, or a full-blown memoir? Does it celebrate your spouse? Will it detail your career, military or family life, or all three? That’s up to you. You talk, I listen and record every detail.

A life story book makes a great anniversary or birthday gift for a loved one, too.

Touchstone Storytelling LLC is based in Bloomington, IL, but I travel or can meet via video chat, phone or whatever medium you prefer.

What can you expect?photo-of-books

  1. We will meet and discuss your goals for your life story project. This initial consultation is free.

  2. Together we will design a timeline for your project and Touchstone Storytelling LLC will outline the project step-by-step. All projects are client-driven and are tailored for each individual.
  3. Interview questions will be provided to you in advance of our first interview.
  4. You will talk, share, and reminisce during your interviews. They will be audio recorded and will be available at the end of the project.
  5. You will provide photos, mementos and more to be scanned into your final book. These will all be returned to you.
  6. Now the interview transcribing, organizing, writing and editing take place. After your approval it is…
  7. Press Time! Order your hard or soft covered book, and e-book. Most books are shipped within two weeks of completion.

What does it cost?

Since each person’s story is unique and each project is individually tailored, prices vary. Touchstone’s hourly rate is $40 an hour, applicable to all facets of the process. Upon discussing your project, I will give you an estimate of the project’s projected cost.

Touchstone can help you with any phase of your project from research to writing, editing and design of your book. Click here to compare the pricing for books printed at Blurb.com. You can print your book, order an e-book or set up your book for sale in the Blurb.com bookstore.

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