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Book Feature: “Broken & Beloved: A Journey of Discovery” by Feli Sebastain

Book Feature: “Voice of Hope” Part 1 by Caroline Mrowiec

I was honored to help bring Feli Sebastian’s story to life in her debut novel, “Broken & Beloved: A Journey of Discovery,” now available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

Touchstone Storytelling teamed up with Feli to write, edit and design the interior book pages as well as assisted with book marketing via traditional and social media. Paul McNamara with Make Good Creative designed and illustrated the cover.

A book of self-discovery and transformation, Feli takes you through the rutted roads of the Philippines, along the coast of the Bay of Bengal in South India, and across the American heartland on her quest to find inner peace and help formerly incarcerated women create a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.  

At age 12, she began her career pedaling patis in the streets of Manila to help feed her family of nine, which later grew to 13. She spent many years teaching primary students in the Philippines before immigrating to the United States in 1981. Navigating through her personal labyrinth, she explored the Catholic Sisterhood, lived in an ashram in India, and earned her Ph.D. in counseling.

Feli’s path was unfamiliar and unstable, but she listened to God’s calling and felt Him by her side. That is, until she felt abandoned. She remained steadfast, however, in her drive to help others, creating Labyrinth Outreach Services in 2005 to help formerly incarcerated women find their path to freedom – freedom from their past, their addictions and freedom to find their inner peace.

A portion of the proceeds benefit YWCA Labyrinth Outreach Services.  

Feli Sebastian is a retired licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women, a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive aid to formerly incarcerated women when they return to their community. The organization merged with the YWCA McLean County (Illinois) on July 1, 2016. Follow her Amazon Author Page!

Throughout history, humans have been asking the same questions about life and death, suffering and happiness, who we are and what our purpose is. Caroline Mrowiec, an American occupational therapist, asked these questions too, and this led her to the other side of the world to the unlikely place of Danang, Vietnam, to start a therapy clinic there. Follow her journey, discover the experiences and faith that impacted her, and meet some of the people who helped her to reshape her questions in a whole new way.

About Caroline Mrowiec

Caroline grew up cold and shivering in Lake Bluff, Illinois with her parents and six siblings. She is currently a fellow in Memorial Hermann’s Neurological Occupational Therapy program in Houston, Texas.

She enjoys playing games, so let’s play a game now called two lies and a truth (because Caroline is better at lying than telling the truth… or is that a lie?).

Lie or Truth?

Caroline started a therapy center in Vietnam when she was twenty-six years old.

She was super-prepared for it.

She was eventually blacklisted in Vietnam for smuggling shark cartilage pills over the border.

Read Voices of Hope, Part I and II for the answers, and thanks for playing.

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