Customer Testimonials

“I had written my story about growing up in a small town in Iowa and had a lot of pictures to go with it, but I had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, I had cut an ad out from The Pantagraph for Touchstone Storytelling and called. Charlene came right over. She took my story and my pictures, and we began finishing my book. With her help my story became better and the pictures were placed in just the right places. My book was published and the comments I have received back from those I gave my books to are better than I ever imagined. One comment noted, ‘This is so professionally done, from the writing to the layout to the binding!’  I could never have done this without Charlene’s expert help and know-how. Thank you, Charlene.”

— Betty J., Bloomington, IL

“Charlene was my editor on a two-year project of writing my memoirs which will be almost 200 pages. Only five copies are being made for my four grown children and me. I did all of the writing, but she polished some of the dialogue and helped me to refocus, particularly on one chapter where I struggled. Another benefit was the use of AP Style that gave consistency to my writing in terms of grammar, punctuation, etc. If you are going to engage in a life project such as this, I highly recommend the professional help that Charlene Homan and Touchstone Storytelling can provide.”

— Allan P., Champaign, IL

“I had started writing a book about our family when I heard Charlene with Touchstone Storytelling present at a local meeting. She talked about her professional ability to help clients write their memoirs and family stories. I asked if she would look at what I had started and give me ideas for finishing the book. The book is now complete and my family loves it. Charlene was a delightful, very professional lady who worked hard using my writings, interviewing me, writing my story, placing family pictures in appropriate places, and adding her own touches that made the book special. I would highly recommend you contact her and ask for her services as you consider writing your own story!”

Charlene M., Bloomington, IL

“We want to thank you, Charlene, for the beautiful job you did on our book. Each member of the family was gifted with a copy this Christmas and it was a definite hit. I particularly appreciate the research that was done. It has been delightful working with you and we wish you the best.”

— Mary Anne and Bill N., Walloon Lake, MI

“Charlene Homan’s work on my husband’s biography was professional and well organized.

Working with her was quite enjoyable. I looked forward to our interview sessions. She was always on time and during our time together tactfully kept us on topic. She was skilled in researching events so she could add interesting tidbits to the narrative. She met all deadlines and had the finished product in hand on the scheduled day. She returned all materials promptly in good condition. The finished product was visually attractive and the writing was interesting and well organized.
I heartily recommend her work.”
— Peggy C., Bloomington, IL

“It has been my desire for more years than I can remember to relate my life experiences to others and I often said, “I wish I could write a book!” But, I had no idea where to begin. When I found Charlene Homan I was ecstatic and my adventure began. Charlene helped me so much by asking me pertinent questions about my life and then listening to me for hours and hours! She collected photographs from me and researched the internet to find information, dates and more photos to enrich the information I could provide about my ancestry. She even found some information that even I didn’t know. I had a list of people waiting in line for a copy when they found I was writing the book, and the comments have been very positive and even flattering.”

— Earl and Suzanne A., Bloomington, IL

“We believed that our mother’s experiences deserved to be recorded in some way, and we are so pleased that we placed our trust in Charlene to write her story. After many hours of interviewing, researching, writing and arranging, Charlene produced a book that is not only a record of Mom’s journey, but a beautiful story about family, love, war and a new life in a new country.”

— Kathy and Leroy J., Bloomington, IL

“Recently, I worked with Charlene Homan on  an autobiography about my dear Aunt. She’s 91 years old and my last living relative, who is so very dear to me. Through the process I gained valuable insight about my maternal family. I wish I had done this for my mom. Having this experience with my Aunt brought me so much closer to my mom and her family’s history. Charlene personally interviewed my Aunt in her home for three sessions to my Aunt’s delight. She so enjoyed sharing her story with us. Charlene is so gracious, accommodating, an excellent listener and an expert at discovering the lost yet important facts about the past. I’m extremely grateful for her dedication to factual information and crafting it into a beautiful story about the life of a very special woman. If you are interested in preserving a beautifully written historical account of someone’s life, I highly recommend Charlene and Touchstone Storytelling.”

— Andrea K., Wauconda, IL

“You’ve done an outstanding piece of work. I love it and I can’t wait to start sharing the book and experience with friends.”

— Lynn W., Bloomington, IL

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